We know that this Kickstarter business is confusing. Believe us, as we prepared the campaign there were more than a few occasions when we were left scratching our heads.

Since some of you have already asked us for info regarding pledging on Kickstarter, we thought we might make a little tutorial that clears away any doubts about the process. Those of you already versed in the fine art of crowdfunding can simply skip the following lines, since they already know all about it.
OK, then, on we go…

1. Go to the Kickstarter homepage. Click on the „SIGN UP” button.

2. Complete the SIGN UP form with the requested information. Check the box under the blank spaces and click on the green “SIGN ME UP!” button. 

3.  Now that you have a Kickstarter account, you should connect it to your credit card. Click on the blue button in the top right corner.

4. Select “ACCOUNT” in the dropdown menu.

5. Once you select ACCOUNT, click on “PAYMENT METHODS”.

6. When you’ve selected PAYMENT METHODS, click on the green “ADD A NEW CARD” button.

7. Enter the requested card information.

8. This is what the PAYMENT METHODS page looks like once you successfully connect your card.


9. You can now enter the Lightstep Chronicles Kickstarter page and look at the list of pledges. 

10. Each pledge includes its description and sum.

11. Click on your pledge of choice.

11. Once you select a pledge, you will see the shipping details and the total sum of your pledge. Select “CONTINUE”.

12. Select the payment card you wish to use for your pledge, and double-check the total pledge sum. Then click on the green “PLEDGE” button.

13. Congratulations! You’ve successfully backed our Kickstarter project!

14. You will receive a confirmation mail with information about the sum and the project you backed.