Lightstep Chronicles Kickstarter campaign is coming

We’re on the verge of something epic! Before you get super-excited, no, it is not the release of our first issue, but yes, that’s what it’s all about. In a matter of days we are launching a Kickstarter campaign! Sit back and relax, we’re going to tell you all about the cool, yet confusing world of crowdfunding we’ve got ourselves into. As you may have already gathered from bits and pieces on the website, we are devising an entire universe to be filled with various adventures, not just across multiple separate comic book series, but across multiple media as well. Read more

Interview: Milos Slavkovic, the author of Lightstep Chronicles

Lightstep Chronicles is a vast and expansive narrative, spanning eons and lightyears. It’s safe to say that it takes some time to connect all the dots and find a way to orient around this strange new world. To provide you with a better sense of what our epic multimedia story is all about, we sat down with Miloš Slavković, the first person to explore the Lightstep worlds and come back to tell it. Read more