Our Primogenitor, the Creator of Worlds, the Supreme Deity of the Lightstep Universe, and an artist extraordinaire Milos Slavkovic had the pleasure of answering questions for an Earth-based media outlet called Comic Book and Movie Reviews.

Read on to learn about the man behind the worlds and his inspiration for the epic work of fiction that is Lightstep Chronicles.

What are your own origins, Milos?

Milos Slavkovic (MS): My personal origin story wouldn’t make a very compelling comic book. I am from Eastern Europe, and I have spent most of my childhood in an era of great social changes, when the old, catatonic communist empire was, with much sound and fury, exchanged for something new. Naturally, those were very stressful times, but it was the late 80s, so luckily I had one of the most prolific decades, in terms of popular culture, art, and creativity, as a distraction.

I guess that is when I developed the habit of appreciating the imagination more than the mundane.

What inspired you to create ‘Lightstep Chronicles’? I don’t think it was one specific thing.

MS: Ever since I was a child I kept on daydreaming, so once the opportunity to create this story appeared, I borrowed a little from those flights of fancy.
You can read the rest of the interview on the Comic Book and Movie Reviews website.