The Comic Book

The battle for the galaxy begins!

In a future age, an eon past and light years away, where time itself is the ultimate form of class distinction and oppression, where the entire lifespan of the meek lasts but a single day in the life of the high and the mighty, a young woman, an exile from the fanatical world bent on genetic purity, must join forces with an enigmatic Radio Pirate to unravel the mystery of a 1930’s radio program that seems to predict future events and their very fate….

The Main Cast

These are just a few of the characters placed in the core of the story that will span eons. If this has tickled your imagination, make sure to stay tuned for more stories from the Lightstep Worlds, because we are preparing a whole new universe for you to explore – in more ways than one!


January Lee

is the main protagonist. She carries the genetic legacy of the ancient line of The Primogenitor within herself. She is young and idealistic, refusing to conform to the rules of society that turned a leader cult into a zealous religion – a refusal that gets her exiled from her home world.

Jazzman - Samson Set

is an enigmatic ex-retainer-knight, once bound by his duty to the throne and the empire, but now turned to a different kind of “career”. He operates as a reclusive radio pirate, searching for the scraps of lost signals from ancient times which seem to hold the key to his future and the future of the galaxy within them.

Colony 66

are a peculiar lifeform constituted of a colony of tiny clones produced by mitosis. Exiles from their homeworld, C-66 have found their home in the hull of Jazzman’s ship, where they provide maintenance and an endless supply of snarky comments.


One of the more unique aspects of Lightstep Chronicles is its technology. The author and the team have invested great effort to avoid the tired Sci Fi clichés and design a completely original technological world. One of the shining examples of this effort is the bladeship technology.

Bladeships are a special type of assault spaceship, specifically designed for melee space combat. They can only be piloted by those with a genetically inherited ability called precognition. The bladeship design features were specifically developed to highlight their close combat purposes, from which they also draw their name.