Hiya, folks!

It’s been awhile since we last spoke about our game, so we thought we may update you, just in case you thought that we have given up on this crazy venture. Not a chance!

We’re happy to report that we are still deep down in our gamedev cave, painstakingly working on every tiny detail to bring this glorious space opera to life.

First, the big news. Our game is now steadily growing into a full fledged 3D adventure! This is not a decision we reached abruptly. In the earlier stages of the development process we utilized our proprietary game engine for HOPA games, since we were familiar with it and felt that we would reach the desired results the quickest, but eventually it became clear that our creative ambitions far surpass its possibilities.

Our vision of the Lightstep Chronicles game has steadily evolved and grown larger in scale, finally blooming into a full scale 3D spectacle that we want to be able to compete with AAA titles. The HOPA engine, designed for the purposes of developing our HOPA output – which is done completely in 2D – could no longer support our lofty appetites.

Therefore, we chose to switch to the Unity 3D engine. We already had some familiarity with the engine, since it was used for the development of Eipix’s free-to-play games, but we never used it for a game of this size and scope. Many other developers have, though, and looking at their work convinced us that this engine would allow us to let our creativity run wild.

After taking a little while to get used to the new engine, we are now running at full steam. Not only that, we are also looking for reinforcements! If you are a proficient Unity programmer or a Unity level designer, follow the provided links and join us in making this adventure even grander, awesomer, and amazinger! And while you’re there, check out other openings as well if these two don’t tickle your fancy.

Stay tuned for more news and updates as we’re charging towards a bright future for our universe in the making.