It is official: Lightstep Chronicles has been fully funded on Kickstarter!

We wish to thank each and every one of you for backing, supporting, telling your friends about us, lighting a candle for our cause every night, or any other creative way in which you helped get Lightstep Chronicles past the finish line! We are humbled by the attention our comic book received and can’t wait to send it out into the world.

As you know, Lightstep Chronicles is only the first ever Imagine Incredible release. Truth be told, a lot of self-doubt hung in the air, even during the Kickstarter campaign. Before it came out on Kickstarter, Lightstep Chronicles was a personal project that very few people were let in on. Now, we find ourselves in a global spotlight – and all because you, people we have never even met, thought that our little idea was good enough that they would support it in its infancy. We stand in awe at the fact that you chose to support our project, and we are incredibly thankful to you for reassuring us that yes, this is a good thing that we are making. A good thing that people want to read!

The month behind us was hectic, to say the least. Before the big launch, everybody who’s anybody in the world of comics and crowdfunding told us that we were in for a series of nervous breakdowns and should prepare for any turnout. True, it was a little hard on the psyche, but what can we say… We completed a Kickstarter campaign and lived to tell the tale! Looking back, all the hardships were just streams we had to cross in order to get new pledges. And every penny counts, believe us.

In the first week, we reached 56% of our campaign goal. Then the pledges all but stopped. In dead silence, it was time to get the hustle going. It was nerve-racking trying to get journalists and bloggers to pay attention to us. Eventually, we got some awesome people on board! In the second half of the campaign, things started looking up: Steven Erikson and Artem Gabrelyanov endorsed us, blog features came rolling in… Once again, we were making money. And the last four days? Where do we begin. They have been spectacular! We reached our goal a few days before the campaign ended. We are pleased to say that the Lightstep Chronicles Kickstarter was 124% funded. Yes, we even passed a stretch goal!

We shot for the stars and landed on a Lightstep world.

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The journey we shared with you has been amazing. Things are going back to the usual in the Imagine Incredible HQ, albeit with more gusto. Miloš Slavković is getting back to work. We are preparing surveys for our backers. A dreamy sense of fulfillment is spreading through our office.

We are smiling.

Thank you, Kickstarters.

Thank you, cadets.

Thank you for making us happen!