The Novel


Lightstep Dragoons are the keepers of the Empire, risen to their status through a genetically inherited ability called precognition, which gives them an upper hand in combat. The precognition skill cannot be learned or obtained – you have to be born with it. Those of noble birth are the only people in the entire Empire with the genetic material that allows precognition.

Eidur is a young boy growing up in the commoner neighborhoods in one of the border systems of the Empire. Like most kids, he dreams of becoming a Dragoon. And like all commoner kids, he must face the fact that this is forever out of his reach.

But, one day he unwittingly exhibits a precognition skill – a virtual impossibility for someone of seemingly such lowly social rank. This event sets him on a dangerous decade-long path, as he searches for his origins while trying to keep his abilities hidden from the powers that be.

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