The Universe

The Lightstep Chronicles universe is a very familiar one – set in the Milky Way galaxy, countless millennia after our time. The discovery of lightstep drives propelled the age of human colonization, and mankind has laid claim to numerous worlds, and since then, innumerable other civilizations have flourished and waned over the course of aeons.

The social hierarchy is a futuristic pseudo-feudal system, with the Emperor at the top of the class pyramid and numerous Lords spreading beneath him. Those lucky few, the elite class, live on exclusive lightstep worlds where time runs much slower.

The discovery of these worlds ignited a violent reform of society. Unlike the elite, the majority of human population lives on “slow worlds”, ordinary Earth-like planets. Their lives are heavily influenced by royal affairs. A seemingly unimportant, trivial fight between two lords on a lightstep world could easily spark a century long war on “slow” worlds, resulting in millions of casualties.

The various worlds of the Lightstep universe whose stories are told through the Lightstep Chronicles comic book series, the Lightstep Chronicles game, The Uncommoner’s Gene novel, and other adventures planned across various media, all have distinct storylines that may occasionally intertwine, but mainly serve as separate threads
that join together to form an epic overarching narrative.